Our Story

Our founder, Alicia Lumsden, dreams of a world where we can live off the land. Like those who came before us, one with mother nature.

This is why she searches for plant powered products, sourced as sustainably as our current world allows. Her mission is to allow beauty to coexist with nature. To offer all of humanity a space to rejuvenate through the healing power of touch and connection.

The healing connection through humanity and nature.

With clients and hairdressers, around the world, we are working to change the way beauty is done everywhere.

Furthermore, we have created an open, safer and loving salon home.  We believe that worrying whether you may be judged or treated differently doesn't belong here, or any where quite frankly!

In this space you will find an inclusive, open and safer environment. We support all beautiful humans, including BIPOC, LGBQ2+, marginalized individuals, anti-racism initiatives and a zero tolerance hate policy.

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Tuesday - Friday 10am-8pm

Saturday - Sunday 10am-6pm

*Closed Saturday and Sunday of all long weekends. Stay tuned to instagram for most current updates.

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1169 Bloor Street West Toronto


Tel: 416-539-0660

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