Emmie Stylist
Meet Emmie

I'm at the beginning of my career, building my skills in all areas and discovering what I specialize in. Currently it is styling and colouring hair.

I love Queen's for our commitment to sustainable beauty.


I believe hair, makeup and fashion is an excellent way to express oneself and improve one's quality of life.

I'm a happy and quiet person, working through my hairstyling apprenticeship with a background in multimedia art. Living in the west end and writing a fashion blog when I am not at the salon.

I am currently working towards becoming a licensed stylist by learning and growing within a community of talented beauty pros.

My pronouns are She/ Her

I am an Associate Stylist 

Styling Rate $73/hr+ | Colour Rate $73/hr+

*Gratuity is already included

Hairdressing since 2018

Jemima Hair Manager_edited.jpg
Meet Jemima

I specialize in scheduling appointments and folding robes.

I love the vibrant team and clients at Queen's. I love how passionate the stylists are about their work and how everyone supports and celebrates each other.


I love hair because I'm terrible with faces! I need hair to recognize people. I also have an obsession with curly hair (my own and other people's) and I love the explosion of fun options for curly hair in recent years.

I'm an enthusiastic 20 something who lives with my two younger siblings and our cat, George. I like knitting and playing video games and I am proudly mediocre at both. I also enjoy day trips to the beach, cinnamon buns, and being gay. 

My pronouns are She/ They

I am a Queen's Shop's Manager

Queen's Alicia Lumsden
Meet Alicia

I specialize in Mentoring, Creative Cuts and Creative Colour placements.

I have loved the opportunity to build Queen's into a welcoming and supportive space for hairstylists and clients. And using my business as a force for good, offering community activations and sustainable standards.


I love hair, beauty and fashion as a whole. Though I never realized how much I would love and appreciate the connection with my clients.

I'm a happy and optimistic problem solver. I have endless compersion for others and love helping others work through their problems by uplifting their mindsets. I am a hugger and lover of travel, so that I can learn about other lands & people.

I am currently focusing on mentoring my team to their desired potential. And finding new avenues to share my passions as a business owner.

My pronouns are She/ Her

Founder | CEO | Level 5 Stylist

Styling Rate $123/hr+ | Colour Rate $143/hr+

*Gratuity is already included