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Our Story

Our founder, Alicia, dreamt up a world where we live off the land. Like our wild cousins, one with mother nature.

This is why she searches for plant powered products, sourced as sustainably as our current world allows. Her mission is to allow beauty to coexist with nature. To offer humanity a space to rejuvenate through the healing power of touch and connection. Connection with humanity and nature.

With clients and hairdressers around the world, we are changing the way beauty is done everywhere.


Sustainability • Beauty • Community

we do hair, sustainably. from our products to your hair.

we love our industry, from natural to edgy, and everything in between. 

we welcome you into our home, here we are one tribe.


WHO we are.

Our team

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Price increase as of Jan 2020

*annual increase, reflecting inflation and other cost increases.

Our Services 

All of our Stylists start at Queen's at a Level 1, no matter their previous experience. Growth through Levels is with proven performance, paired with their devotion to learning and training further in the industry. Each Stylists current Level is listed on their Bios.

*Subject to availability*

Haircuttingincludes a consultation, wash, head massage, blow dry and personalized haircut.

Haircut – 45-75min Haircuts and trims take the same amount of time, thus we charge the same

Level 1 50+

Level 2 60+

Level 3 70+

Level 4 80+


Children’s Haircuts >6/>12 – 30-45min

Level 1 25/37+

Level 2 30/45+

Level 3 35/50+

Level 4 40/60+


Head shaves – 15-30min one length clipper work

Level 1 20+

Level 2 20+


Fringe (Bangs and Undercuts) – 15min Complimentary between visits for our regular clients 



Styling and Treats


Blow dry – Wash, blow dry and finishing

Level 1 32+

Level 2 37+

Level 3 45+

Level 4 50+


Styling – Formal styling, any pins, half ups, full up styling.

Level 1 70+

Level 2 80+

Level 3 90+

Level 4 100+


Treat Yourself

Braids 20+

Hot tools finishing 15+ Waves/Curls/Straight

Olaplex 70+ (standalone service or 50 added to any service.  Both include #3 take home treatment)

NaturalTech 80+ (standalone service or 25/45 added to any service (these treatments are designed to aid with specific concerns of the hair and scalp, add 1-3, 15min treatments to your service)

Circle Chronicles Masks 20+

Alchemic 10+ (add a slash of pink, copper or gold to previously lightened hair, lasts a few washes)


*products are plant based, no parabens/sulfates, gluten free and low ammonia. ( a few products contain bee by products and oils from New Zealand goats, please notify your stylist if this is of concern).

*prices subject to change without notice.

Colouring and Lightening includes a consultation, wash, head massage, blow dry and personalized colouring.


Regrowth – This is for up to 1.5 inches of regrowth, more than that it’s a single process colour

Level 1 55+

Level 2 65+

Level 3 75+

Level 4 85+


Single Process – Solid colour application

Level 1 75+

Level 2 85+

Level 3 95+

Level 4 100+


Double Process – Also known as a ‘Bleach and Tone’. Please note our Olaplex Treatment will be added on to this service automatically. Regrowth longer than ½ an inch will be considered a double application (roughly 6 weeks. Consistent maintenance lowers opportunities for banding)

Level 1 95+

Level 2 105+

Level 3 115+

Level 4 120+


Highlights – A refresh for your foils.

Level 1 120+

Level 2 135+

Level 3 150+

Level 4 180+


Full Highlights – A head full of foils.

Level 1 160+

Level 2 175+

Level 3 190+

Level 4 220+


Balayage – Free hand painting, Baby lights, foils and/or flamboyage.

Level 1 160+

Level 2 175+

Level 3 190+

Level 4 220+


Gloss – A quick refresh to the tone or shine of your previous Colour process. This is not the same as a colour and the product used has a shorter application time as well as permanency.

Level 1 50+

Level 2 55+

Level 3 65+

Level 4 70+

To help serve our clients better and in fairness to our Team, we ask that in the event you need to cancel your appointment you do so within a 24hr window. This will allow other clients a chance to get in for an appointment should you no longer be free to keep yours. A 50% charge will be applied to the client file in the event that our cancellation policy is not met. A credit card is required to book colour appointments longer than 2 hours. You may also cancel your appointment via our Mindbody app.

Kindly be mindful that service providers our commission employees, if there is a cancellation and the space can't be filled due to short notice, the employee has lost income. If that continuously happens, service prices rise to accommodate lost income.


What we offer.


What we believe.

We carefully chose our brand partners as our brand ethos and promise to our clients is always of utmost importance. We pride ourselves in offering a space where our planet and our community is never compromised.  And nor is your beauty.

Our Colour line and Haircare Products are Exclusively Davines. They are devoted to the sustainability of our planet and your hair. They are family owned and a BCorp Company.

We Make Beauty Beautiful by managing our waste with Green Circle Salons Recycling program.  An international program that diverts tons of salon waste every year.  A Canadian company and a BCorp.

We our Bullfrog Powered! Bullfrog Power is a Canadian business with a conscience. The organization’s mission is to provide Canadians with easy and practical 100% renewable energy solutions for their homes, businesses and transportation that empower them to create a sustainable world for future generations. Also a BCorp.

Entering our space you will quickly find, we do everything we can to be mindful of our actions, our space and what we leave behind.

And we do it with Style!

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wHERE we are.

1169 Bloor Street West Toronto


Tel: 416-539-0660


Tuesday - Friday 10am-8pm

Saturday - Sunday 10am-6pm

*Closed Saturday and Sunday of most long weekends. Stay tuned into our instagram for updates.

Photoshoot Toronto 2003

Hair/MUA Alicia