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Meet Your Queen's Team

We are your neighbors with the style tips. When you join our salon family you'll have the chance to see our individual uniqueness shine through!

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Our Story

“Hi, I’m Alicia.


In early 2015, I opened Queen’s Shop’s doors to create a place within the beauty industry where sustainability and community could co-exist. Far from the traditional salon with its gender conformity, ego, and intimidation, we’ve built an inclusive space where you feel safe and supported to be yourself and feel your best. 


From our salon’s ethos to our products and packaging, everything we do is about being good to you and good to our planet. 


We dream of a future where we’re more connected to each other and to nature. That’s why we stand for authentic beauty, collective humanity, and respect for the environment. 


Thank you for being here. We couldn’t do it without you.”

Meet The Team

Our Brand Partners

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