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I specialize in wearable Cuts & Colours. I love a good makeover that is complimentary to your features and lifestyle. My overall aesthetic is an elevation of your favourite features. I want people to notice that you look great but not know why!

I am taking on new extension clients. Book a hair consultation if this something you'd like to do

I love Queen's for its community of kind and compassionate souls that we attract. And being a leader in the industry from sustainable salons to the gratuity free movement.


I love using hair for a creative outlet, because done well, it truly can bring out an individuals uniqueness!

I believe in vulnerability and compersion, I have endless love, joy and support for all beings. Find me taking a long walk in the forest with a warm cup of tea... or better yet some backcountry camping.

I am currently leaning into creating balance with being a salon owner and enjoying my time off. :)

. When I am taking a break from focusing on the salon, find me riding my motorcycle on the country roads.

My pronouns are She/ Her

I am an Educator Hairstylist

Styling $133*/hr Colouring $123*/hr

 *Gratuity Free Salon

Hairdressing since 2006

In the industry since 2001

Availability varies

Join Alicia in one of her upcoming technical or business classes. Or book a 1 hour 1-1 Mentoring call with her.

New Clients

Elevated Sessions - Designed for Changes

these sessions offer ample time to consult and affect a change in your hair.

shampoo + conditioner included!

Haircut Session - $346


Colour Session - $449


Lightening Session - $582


Haircut - $166.25+


Full Lightening - $369+


Cutting & Styling

Haircut - $133+

maintenance 60min

Haircut - $166.25+

long and/or thick 75min

Blowdry - $99.75+


Upstyling - $166.25+


Extensions Application/ Removal - $133/hr

consultation required

hair cost is separate

tape ins & beaded row/hand tied offered

takes 2+hrs to apply/remove

Colouring & Lightening

Root Touch Up - $184.50+

maintenance 1.5hrs+

Single Colour - $276.75+


Partial Lightening - $338.25+

sunkissed/ maintenance 3hrs+

Full Lightening - $461.25+

lived in colour/ blonding 4hrs+

Product charge is additional and varies between $5- 60+ depending on the service.


Alicia is awesome. She’s a very talented stylist and as a salon owner, she works her butt off to ensure her clients have an awesome experience. Glad I found her, after a couple years of walking by and being curious about the salon. From the sidewalk it looked like it was created with love, creativity and dedication to people and community.


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