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I specialize in Colour (from blonding, coppers to  vivid colours). And I am loving a one length bob right now. I love creating big 90s voluminous styling - book a blow dry and treatment with me!

I love Queen's for its peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

I love hair because it's a crown we never take off. It's a community (where we all share, bond, cry and laugh). And it's an energy exchange, an emotional thing.

I was born in Nepal, moved to LA but now settled in Toronto. I speak 4 languages (Hindi, Tibetan, Nepalese and English) I'm loyal, determined, hardworking, empathetic and a compassionate person. Doing hair is my passion. I am a strong believer in 'do what you and love what you do'. I love being by water and getting lost in nature.


I'm currently working on endlessly refining my craft. I love taking classes and creating new looks. And I believe we are always evolving and growing. 

My pronouns are She/ Her

I am a Hairstylist

Styling Rate *$85/hr+ | Colour Rate *$92/hr+

 *Gratuity Free Salon

Hairdressing since 2018

Availability Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

New Clients

Haircut - $85+


Root Touch Up - $161+

maintenance 1.75hrs+

Single Colour - $207+


Partial Lightening - $276+

sunkissed/ maintenance 3hrs+

Global Lightening - $552+


Cutting & Styling

Haircut - $85+


Blowdry - $63.75+


Product charge is additional for colouring and treatments services. This varies between

$2- 60+ depending on the service.

Colouring & Lightening

Root Touch Up - $161+

maintenance 1.75hrs+

Single Colour - $207+


Gloss - $115+


Bleach+Tone Roots - $276+

4-6weeks maintenance 3hrs+

Partial Lightening - $276+

sunkissed/ maintenance 23hrs+

Full Lightening - $368+

lived in colour/ blonding 4hrs+


My experience with Nyima was nothing but amazing. She’s sweet as always and knows exactly what I want. I leave it to her always and she never disappoints. Such a bubbly and kind person with amazing craftwork. She understands your hair type and works with it with great care & advice. The place is tucked away on Bloor. Very easy to get to and incredible location. Very clean spot and amazing things that the salon stands for. Nyima just makes my experience at an incredible salon even better


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