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I specialize in low-maintenance haircuts. By working with your specific hair type and collaborating with you to understand your personal style and daily hair routine, I love to create a haircut that is empowering, unique to you, low-maintenance, and always looking fresh!


I love Queen’s for the welcoming and inclusive environment, along with the amazing humans in the space!


I love that hair can have the ability to lift you up, make you feel confident and powerful. Hair can express how we feel on the inside, which is ever evolving and changing. I love supporting folks to explore and understand how their hair can be cut and styled to get their desired look with minimal effort.


My creative side is always at work… watching, learning, experiencing life in all it's beauty and movement. I’m inspired by fashion and hairstyles that allow creativity and self-expression, while also being functional in day-to-day life.


I’m working towards getting back on social media in order to share my work as a hairstylist with the community, and to share that my chair is a safe and inclusive space where collaboration happens, and amazing outcomes are achieved! 

My pronouns are She/ Her

I am a Hairstylist

Rate $92*/hr *Gratuity Free Salon

Hairdressing since 2010


I had a lovely experience and received a great haircut from Emmie. I went from a very long straight hairdo to a short bouncy angled and layered look and it turned out wonderfully. Their policy is to include tips in the price, and so with tax and everything included it came out to $100. The shop uses plant-based products, engages in other eco-practices, and donates 1% of profits to charity. The shop vibe was very relaxed and nice. Recommended.


New Clients

75min Haircut - $115+


Cutting & Styling

Short Haircuts - $69+

barber length cuts /fine short hair 45mins

Haircut - $92+


Blowdry - $69+


Product charge is additional for some treatment services. This varies between

$2- 12+ depending on the service.

Colouring & Lightening

Not Available for Colouring Services

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