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With over a decade in the industry and a background in Holistic Nutrition I am so excited to now offer hair care from a more holistic and individualized approach. I love working with curly hair. Creating lived in, sun kissed balayage and dimensional colour while maintaining the health of your hair is always my goal.  


I love Queen’s for its warm, cozy welcoming vibe and working in a sustainable and eco friendly environment really speaks to me.  


The right cut and colour to me is about enhancing your natural beauty and complementing you as a unique and beautiful being. I love getting to know the people in my chair and helping them to become more in-tuned with their light and letting it shine!


I am currently working towards Holistic Hair Care workshops and educating my clients more on how to achieve their healthiest hair! 


I look forward to meeting you all and helping you along your healthy hair journey! 

My pronouns are She/ Her

I am a Holistic Hairstylist at Queen's

My Rate $133*/hr *Gratuity Free Salon

Hairdressing since 2006

Available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday

New Clients

Elevated Sessions - Designed for Changes

these sessions offer ample time to consult and create a change or treat your hair. shampoo + conditioner included!

Haircut Session - $346


Colour Session - $479


Blonding Session - $622


Curly Haircut Session - $346


Cutting & Styling

Haircut - $133+

maintenance 60min

Haircut - $166.25+

long and/or thick 75min

Blowdry - $99.75+


Colouring & Lightening

Root Touch Up - $199.50+

maintenance 1.5hrs+

Single Colour - $266+


Partial Lightening - +$332.50

maintenance 2.5hrs+

Full Lightening - $465.50+

lived in colour/ blonding 3.5hrs+

Product charge is additional and varies between $5- 60+ depending on the service.


I have spent the last decade in search of a hairdresser who understood my thick and curly hair, my personal style, and who is a pleasure to spend time with. I have found all of these qualities in Rachel so when she recently moved to Queen’s Shop I followed.

Every time I see Rachel, I leave with the best haircut I’ve ever had. She is also incredibly kind and personable and I really look forward to my upcoming appointments. She has never commented negatively on how much hair I have so I don’t feel like I need to apologize in advance every time I sit in the chair. Thanks to Rachel, I feel like I can stray from “safe” cuts because I know I’m in great hands and I also know she’s going to find the perfect balance between my inspiration photos and my hair type. And the cozy and welcoming environment of Queen’s Shop is the icing on the cake. Highly recommended!!!


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