Our Hairstylist Structure

Let's be honest, most job titles lack clarity. 

And trying to understand how different salons label their hairstylists is no different! We made this page to hopefully clear things up, at least at Queen's Shop. 

Associate Hairstylist
  • Working through apprenticeship program

  • Actively building a clientele

  • Rates Hourly $73

  • Salon employee

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  • Licensed professionals

  • Salon employee

Hairstylist Tier 1​

  • Up to 3 years of hairstyling on floor, after receiving license

  • 3+ classes each year

  • Rates Hourly $98


Hairstylist Tier 2

  • 2+ years of hairstyling on floor, from receipt of license

  • Or 9+ in person practical classes

  • Rates Hourly $105-128 (based on training and demand)

Leadership Hairstylist

Specialist Hairstylist - Have the demand to specialize 

Educator Hairstylist - Active educator internally or externally

Director Hairstylist - Leader in artistic direction for salon (or other areas of the industry)


  • Licensed professional

  • Senior role

  • Mentor other stylists

  • Salon employee

  • 5+ years (showing drive and desire to be in a leadership role)

  • 15+ classes

  • Actively representing one of the above roles

  • Rates Hourly $123+

*Partner Hairstylist
  • Licensed hairstylist 

  • Set own prices hourly and session

  • A hairstylist who has succeeded in developing their own brand

  • Operate under Queen's umbrella of software

  • Use brands supplied (additional products options within the salon ethos)

  • Clients processed under Queen's umbrella of services and offerings

  • *Independent contractor

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