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 I specialize in Extensions, Colouring and Cutting. I love creating unique looks with barbering and braiding too.


I love Queens because it is focused on sustainability. With offering plant based products and recycling with green circle salons being a couple of the many ways they do salons differently.


I love hair for its ability to make everyone feel good after their hair services. I believe that looking good makes you feel good. I've always had a passion for aesthetics and hair is one of my favourite ways of sharing that passion. 


I am a Mother, first and foremost. I've been a hairstylist for a decade now and still love creating and teaching apprentices everyday.


I am working on bettering myself everyday. And rebuilding my colouring clientele.

My pronouns are She/ Her

I am a Hairstylist

Rate $92*/hr *Gratuity Free Salon

Hairdressing since 2014


I had a lovely experience and received a great haircut from Emmie. I went from a very long straight hairdo to a short bouncy angled and layered look and it turned out wonderfully. Their policy is to include tips in the price, and so with tax and everything included it came out to $100. The shop uses plant-based products, engages in other eco-practices, and donates 1% of profits to charity. The shop vibe was very relaxed and nice. Recommended.


New Clients

Haircut - $92+


Root Touch Up - $161+

maintenance 1.5hrs+

Single Colour - $184+


Partial Lightening - $207+

sunkissed/ maintenance 2.25hrs+

Cutting & Styling

Braiding - $46-368+


Short Haircuts - $69+

barber length cuts /fine short hair 45mins

Haircut - $92+


Blowdry - $69+


Extensions - $92-276+


Product charge is additional for colouring and treatments services. This varies between

$2- 60+ depending on the service.

Colouring & Lightening

Root Touch Up - $138+

maintenance 1.5hrs+

Single Colour - $184+


Gloss - $115+


Partial Lightening - $207+

sunkissed/ maintenance 2.25hrs+

Full Lightening - $276+

lived in colour/ blonding 3hrs+

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