Queen's Alicia Lumsden
Meet Alicia

I specialize in Styling & Cutting, whether its Curly Hair, Creative or Corrective Haircuts. And with Colour, I specialize in Reds, Brunettes and Dimensional, Sunkissed Blondes.

I love Queen's for the community of kind and compassionate souls we've managed to attract.


I love using hair for a creative outlet, because done well, it truly can bring out an individuals uniqueness!

I believe in vulnerability and compersion, I have endless love, joy and support for all beings. Find me taking a long walk in the forest with a hot cup of tea... or better yet some backcountry camping.

I am currently Training & Mentoring my team and pursuing a role as a Davines Educator. When I am taking a break from focusing on the salon, I am learning how to ride my motorcycle.

My pronouns are She/ Her

I am an Educator Hairstylist

Rate $133*/hr

*Gratuity is already included

Hairdressing since 2006

In the industry since 2002