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A few tips from a salon receptionist for the prospective client

So picture this, you’re going into a hair salon and you want to make a drastic change with your colour… like you wanna go from your long, wavy, natural jet black hair to a trendy blonde with a rose-gold hue. Beware that those twenty-five second Instagram hair transformation videos much like censored news, don’t always give us the full picture.

When you’re looking to have a big service done, expect to be here for more then twenty-five seconds, as in more like a few costly trips to the salon depending on what you’re doing. Big change means a few visits and pricey bills at the end of the day. If you are okay with having patience for waiting and the dent in your wallet then pack a lunch and come on in because although it’ll take time it will be worth it.

Before you come in to start your hair journey with your stylist and are ready to embark on a new style and colour be sure to; have an idea ready and some photos handy for reference because what you picture in your mind and even articulate could mean something totally different to the stylist. Be open to talking with your stylist and consider their well-educated suggestions, that is unless they’re really pushing to give you a multicolored braided rat tail with beads you can then shoo them away at that point.

Remember that the stylist knows and understands the art and technical details behind hair so they have your best interest in mind and would prefer steering you into a colour or style that works best for your hair and lifestyle. For instance, if you propose a style that requires an hour of prep work every morning but are someone that leads a busy lifestyle and doesn’t have time for flat iron waves every day, just be open to a style more catered to you. A good stylist wouldn’t lead you down a dark hairy road, it is in their best interest to compromise so you walk out feeling good and the salon receptionist doesn’t get a panicky phone call the next day.

If I can be honest, I didn’t know how to properly use shampoo for a while so obviously I went through my shampoo as if it was of the same speed I use when I’m walking alone… FAST is what I’m saying, very fast! Once I finally understood how to properly use shampoo I opted to buy the slightly more expensive hair products which aided my hair through it’s bleach blonde phase and nursed it back to health. Educating yourself about what kind of hair you have and it’s unique “ways” will also guide you towards the right products. For example, when my hair was bleached I learned through my co-workers that I needed products that would deposit protein into my hair as that’s what it was lacking.

A lot of customers and clients will ask of the salon brand products, “Well is it worth buying them when I can just buy drug store brand and save money?” To that I ask, If you treat yourself to a full head of hi-lights or an all over colour WHY on earth would you erase and possibly threaten your hair with terrible shampoo?

Maintaining your hair and it’s well being is just as important as the initial hair appointment. If you use the cheaper, ineffective, and watered-down products you are essentially robbing yourself of what you just paid for. When you invest in proper hair products you save yourself from a trip right back to the salon.

To re-iterate your stylist is here to steer you in the right direction and provide you with knowledge about your hair and the products best suited for you so talk to them and make yourself informed. That’s what stylists are here for, to help and not just stand around looking good all the time. You can do some research and look into products they suggest for you, but get the good stuff because in the long run you are saving money and no longer threatening the un-doing of all the work your hair and stylist went through.

So those are my simple tips and words I’ve picked up through the years, I live by these facts when explaining things to clients. I think it really all comes down to basic communication, listening, and understanding that not everyone is the same as you.

Camille Cote, Salon Co-ordinator at Queens Shop Fine Hairdressing


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