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Who Wants Beautiful Hair?

That dream hair can often seem unachievable (and some of it is...). Having a plan and understanding your hair however, can get you closer! And that's where your favourite Hairstylist comes in!

I'll note just a few of my basic tips for you below (there's way more hair goals then listed but here's a start). You should always feel comfortable to ask your hairstylist for tips on maintaining your hair and achieving your hair goals (along with whether they are achievable or not!)… If you don't feel comfortable, is it you or your Hairstylist?

There are so many reasons are hair can be unhealthy or looking a way we don't want it too. And a hairstylist can help with getting to the bottom of that and creating a plan for you... Besides, it's what we love to do!

Keeping in mind that our internal and external health will often be the biggest factors standing in the way of healthy, beautiful hair. Whether we are stressed, have been sick or even a diet change, they all affect our body and often show up in our hair health. Starting the conversation about it is just the beginning. AND you should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help!


  • Washing your hair regularly with quality products that leave your scalp and hair feeling soft and fresh. How often you wash depends on your hair type (oily scalp you will wash more and dry scalp less often).

  • When the bottle says 'wash, rinse, repeat.' they mean it. Use a little bit of shampoo until it easily lathers over the surface of your whole scalp (don't forget the spot at the back!)

  • Condition twice if your hair needs it (mine sure does!)



  • Regular haircuts, think every 2-4months depending on how quickly your grows (hair grows slow, less often, hair grows fast, more often).

  • A hair mask ritual, if not every time, every other time you wash your hair, use a hair mask instead of your conditioner AND let it sit for at least 10-15mins, even better if you rinse and repeat.

  • Brush regularly (is a soft bristle, paddle brush and start gently from the bottom, holding your hair near the scalp if needed)

  • Add a treatment to your haircuts to really help the overall strength and shine to your hair


  • Use a thickening product and shampoo+conditioner (Davines Replumping)

  • Use a styling product for hold before you dry it (Davines Volumizing Mousse, Texture Serum, etc.)

  • Blowdry with your head upside down to dry your roots

  • Add some curls/wave and a hairspray for hold

  • Come in often enough to have your split ends cut off (split hair is and looks thinner and less healthy)