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Hair Health Check

"Is this just how my hair is or is there something wrong with my health."

If I’ve learned anything over 15+ years of hairdressing, I’ve learned that our health almost always shows through our hair first. Whether it’s our scalp or our strands.

As hairdressers, we see so many scalp and hair concerns, daily. And most clients either haven’t noticed or are embarrassed to share. Which is understandable... people have a tendency to lean towards "I'm sure it's nothing and will just go away." or "I guess this is just how my body works.".

If you haven’t noticed or are uncomfortable to share, then it’s likely you aren’t seeing your doctor either. To me, that is concerning. Hell, I'd be happy if you had a concerned friend have a look to see if there is in fact something happening on your scalp or with your hair. If only we could actually see our own heads!

I find so many of us run on autopilot and build a tolerance with our bodies. We simply have built up that wall to not notice any changes with our bodies. Yet, we can catch many deficiencies or other imbalances in our bodies if we are watching and listening. Even more so, if you have a busy life, schedule in a monthly time out and check in. (Do that now, I'll wait...)

Common things to look out for is brittle hair, itchy/ sensitive scalp and hair loss. And their common causes are auto-immune imbalances, low iron/protein, stress, psoriasis/eczema, underactive thyroid and trauma.

Quick solutions:

  • Visit your hairdresser for an analysis

  • Visit your doctor or natural path for blood work and evaluation

  • Reflect on recent changes in your life

Long term solutions

  • Follow advice from your hairdresser

  • Follow advice from your doctor or natural path

  • Find a system that works for your (supportive products/treatments, life balances, diet, exercise, etc.)

Salons do have treatments and supporting products for most hair concerns. Though ultimately, looking at your body internally (doctors visit/ bloodwork) and your daily lifestyle (stress/ diet) are what will reveal the causes. And the change of those direct causes is what will directly affect change in your hair and health.

What your hairdresser can do in salon, is offer you insight and advise on your way to your doctors visit. And supportive treatments, along with at home products to help revitalize and restore your hair as you work on the internal balance.

One of the reasons we love Davines is the extensive offerings they have in their Naturaltech Line. Whether it's a hair loss, dry scalp, dry hair, sensitivities on your scalp, hair thickening and more, we'd love to help you through this hair journey of yours. Visit us for an in salon treatment soon.


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