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Treat your roots kindly

As a receptionist, I’ve booked a HUGE range of appointments… endless colors, highlights, cuts, perms, and blow-dry’s. Also as a receptionist I’ve had red, orange, and bleach blonde hair so treatments have saved my hair’s life. One thing that I don’t see booked in enough are hair treatments and I often wonder why and HOW? Is there a stigma around hair treatments? Do most people think they’re a money grab or just plain unnecessary? Should I get one RIGHT now?

Think of it like this, if you routinely get your hair colored or high-lighted then you totally should be booking in a hair treatment as well. If you frequently blow-dry and straighten your hair in your daily routine, you should have an at-home hair treatment sitting in your bathroom. If you chemically straighten or perm your hair, you just GOTTA be booking in for hair treatments.

Let’s break it down a bit, you could buy all the nice make-up in the world but if you don’t take care of your skin then either you’ll go through your make-up like quick sand or you wont want to show your face in public. That’s why investing in facials and an at home skin regime ALONG with your make-up is important. Hair is the same way, a good hair treatment every once in a while is like getting a facial and buying an at home treatment is like using a good moisturizer. Much like skin, unless you are blessed with the toughest and roughest head of hair, it’s going to need some TLC with all the wear and tear from coloring and chemical damage.

For at home products, investing in a brand that doesn’t take a stand against the environment only adds more fuel to environmental issues. Not to mention that most of those brands create products that will only coat your hair with diluted ingredients which in the long run can damage your hair because all the good stuff can’t get through the manifested coating on your hair.

My salon owner specifically choose Davines as her salon brand because of their high sustainability and Eco friendly products. I’ve gotten the chance to get familiar with it here. Davines sources each ingredient found in their products from farms across the world, that meet the same environmental standards they do, formulating and creating the perfect combinations in their research laboratories. The simplicity, and quality of the products is only the tip of the iceberg as Davines is a highly sustainable and completely earth friendly brand that promotes biodiversity to the world.

I’ve dabbled in many different product lines and as a sensitive person (all around really) I’ve grown accustom to using plant based lines because it’s just easier on my skin. The change in my hair has gone from zero to one hundred. I was bleaching, flat ironing, and not taking care of my hair. I completely lost the natural wave and gained dry, frizzy, lack-luster hair and honestly, I was upset. Eventually I came to my senses and my curls came back thanks to the 911 boot camp I put my hair through and continue to.

Whether you’re trying to stimulate hair growth or repair your hair from being damaged, you can find a treatment that zeros in on your hairs individual needs. A personal favorite of mine, is the “NaturalTech Nourishing” shampoo and conditioning treatment. This NaturalTech line by Davines is very basic, simple, and to the point. Just using those two things alone made a difference from previous highlight and flat iron damage. Along with using the shampoo and conditioner at home, I try and do a treatment every few months to keep my hair strong.

If you trust your hair stylist then TRUST that if they recommend an at home treatment or an in- salon treatment, you should take them up on it. If you pre-book for a cut or color, book in a treatment every couple of months too. Or if you want to take some helpful baby steps, start with a new shampoo and conditioning treatment at home and see how well it works for you because that alone will make a world of a difference.

Written by:

Camille Cote- Salon Co-ordinator at Queens Shop Fine Hairdressing


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