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"Wah wah woh wah wah" Ever feel like your stylist speaks the same lan

Do you ever feel like your hair-stylist is speaking a foreign language whilst mixing concoctions for your head? Permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and lightener… what does this all mean and does Demi Moore know that something has stolen her given name? Let’s go over the different types of color tools and hopefully leave you with insight as to how your Hairdresser chooses the right tools for you and your hair.

Ever feel like hairstylists speak the same language as Charlie Brown's school teacher?


A wise woman once told me “heart ache is never permanent, but you know what can be permanent? Your hair color!” Permanent means your natural hair color inside each hair strand is permanently changed. Making this the best choice for the client that wants to make a lasting change to their hair and for full white/grey hair coverage. Now this does not mean the color wont fade! Anything not maintained will over time lose its original luster.


A less permanent color choice would be semi permanent color, as it sits on the outside of hair and is temporary. Users should be cautious that most and especially “store bought” semi permanent color may never fully wash out which in turn can be both damaging and frustrating! Those looking for a slight change to warm up, cool down, or to temporarily change up their color can opt for semi permanent color. A rinse is in the same family and will typically wash out in 6-10 washes.


In comparison to permanent, a demi permanent color sits beside your natural hair color inside the hair strand instead of changing it. This gives your color a more translucent tone on tone effect and a softer regrowth line. As you can imagine, a demi permanent would be gentler on your hair. Basically it’s as if semi and a permanent had a baby, they’d have a demi!


Now this is a whole different ball game! Science has come a long way and yes lightening the hair is still the harshest tool a colorist has, though it is much gentler compared to your grandmas day! Lightener is designed to create a blank canvas and works in the same way bleach does every time you drop the slightest bit on your favorite black sweater…first red, then orange and finally yellow to white. Now the tools above can be used to tone and achieve that perfect color you’ve been dreaming of!

Hopefully now you won’t feel so confused and/ or overwhelmed, instead you’ll feel relaxed and confident. With anything in life that we don’t understand, sometimes it is in our best interest to educate ourselves, especially if it’s relevant to us. Now no one is saying that you have to go to hair school to learn color formulas, but asking questions can make a world of a difference in your own confidence. Its never the clients responsibility to pick the formula or tools, simply answering questions and trusting your hairdresser will take care of the rest. A great hairdresser will ask you the right questions and listens, to learn the answers they need to create the perfect formula and using the right tools for your needs and wants.


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