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Lets take "hair" of business before you vacation in the sun.

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

One great way to stay warm during these frigid wintery months is taking a plane ride somewhere warm! Sometimes these trips take MONTHS to plan, while some are on a whim. No matter how prepared you are, here are some quick and easy hair-care tips and tricks from Queen’s for any kind of travel plans. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

So maybe you’re going on vacation somewhere hot (LUCKY DUCK!)

Rock your best hair and skin while away by applying a moisturizing face mask and hair treatment prior to your departure. Ensuring you moisturize,will do wonders if you’re going to be on a lengthy flight with all that dry plane air circulating. (If you’re daring you can put a moisturizing sheet mask on your face during the flight and shock the travel goers around you). You can even bring along a travel sized moisturizer and a hair oil to lock it all in while your catching Z’s on the plane.

Plan to be out in the sun and in the water?

Sunscreen is a must to slather over your body, but your hair needs protection too! One hot destination tip is applying conditioner or a hair mask on your hair and tying it up before swimming, keeps the hair safe from experiencing damage from chemicals or salt water build-up. Don’t want to put a hair mask on every time? You can also apply a hair shield with SPF to your hair and scalp, light weight and such a great travel buddy.

For wavy and curly locks.

Make sure to bring your diffuser attachment to help give those waves an enhanced look. Before diffusing make sure to use a leave in with anti-humidity, as per science, frizz tends to get even more frizzier in warm climates. Also, brush those curls out while wet with a wet detangling brush or wide tooth comb, it will save you from a future poof!

Stay fresh faced.

Want to keep your hair out of your face in the hot humid weather and still feel at least a little stylish? If a baseball hat or big sunhats aren’t your thing then French braids could be up your alley. French braids are the ultimate “out of my face AND still cute” hair-style for vacationing, plus you can even leave it in for a few days if you’re lucky. Want another way to skip washing your hair for a couple days? A good dry shampoo can make that possible without feeling like you haven’t washed your hair, which you haven’t but that can be our secret!

Post vacay rescue.

So you had a fantastic vacation filled with lime rimmed beverages, sand, and sunsets but now you and your hair are back home and it looks like it’s been partying for as long as you’ve been gone. Need a solution to clean and rid your hair of salt, sand and tequila? Getting a deep detoxifying treatment will bring your hair back to its original luster but it won’t bring you back to the beach unfortunately.


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