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We've all gotten sucked into them and now we're just sick of them.

Let’s talk about all the silly things we’ve attempted for trends. Do you remember the sweater belt that was so cool? No? Exactly! (I will say it was something I received one Christmas and thought it was VERY cool to wear over top my pants, but it lasted all of two weeks in my closet). Trends are temporary and ever changing, so instead why not start up one that’s going to be sustainable?

You’ve probably seen all the memes by now about people going into salons and requesting the impossible…“Hi I have thick black hair and would like to be ash-blonde in one sitting AND I need to be out in under two hours, so I can look like a Kardashian for my date tonight.” Honestly, some trends are just so unrealistic and technology now makes anything fabricated and look possible to achieve in 30 secs. It’s never as easy as it appears, and we can only imagine how often photo-shop or wigs are used. Hair can be so fragile to begin with, why not take a trip to Queen West and pick up a new hat instead?

From the beginning of time it seems we long for what we can’t have while failing to appreciate what we do have. Those with shiny black hair long for blonde locks or those with pin-straight hair desire bouncy curls. Fortunately for the now we are living in a more accepting and “‘embrace yourself” era which of course has been trickling down into the hair and beauty industry.

YES! The idea of “being you” is trending strong!. If you weren’t already, the time is now to let loose, quit trying to be something you’re not, and begin accepting you. Gone are the days of straightening out curls or covering gray, hooray. We’re not saying that everyone should just give up and do nothing, it’s just that we are saying to accentuate what you got! Embrace that curl with good products and a nice treatment. Get the perfect cut to make those fine hairs sit just right. Maintain that silvery mane of yours with a silver shampoo and tone out the brassy/yellowness it grabs from that polluted air.

And maybe you’re just an adventurous person and you want to try all the trends, cut, styles and

colors. Look, we can’t lie because we DO love that attitude! Even if you want to try every pastel color in the book, amazing!. All we ask is that you do the proper research, come in to consult with us, your hairdresser, and understand the process, time, and investment before going forward. After doing some digging, you are now aware of the investments in time, money, and treatments. So you’ve decided… let’s go for it? Yes! Great, we hear that loud and clear and now we can all sleep knowing you won’t be calling us after you’ve run out to the drug store and box died your fringe at home.

Trend or no trend, whether it’s embracing the o’natural or living your wildest my little pony dreams, maintaining healthy locks and asking your hairdresser questions means you will be looking your best always!


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