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Rebirth of The Curl

Natural and curly hair seems to be the “in” trend as of late (which is just fantastic because people have had it since I dunno, FOREVER). Although we don’t need to religiously follow what is on trend, embracing a trend such as this is something we can get in line for… because It’s about time.

Hair trends will come and go, while curls have always and will always be part of history.

A lot of our curly haired clients have felt in their daily experiences in life (especially in the work force), being professional and “put together” goes hand in hand with straightening or smoothing out any curl.

Curly hair isn’t seen as professional and has time after time been portrayed negatively in the media. The media has often dictated what is deemed acceptable and for a long time curly hair was portrayed in movies as the “before” hair. Of course, there are always exceptions, though commonly this has been carried out for a while, as people generally like to mimic popular trends and styles.

It wasn’t until recently that this so-called trend became a social problem and racialized issue in society. We’re glad the spotlight is getting to the root of the matter while finally shedding some light on the beauty of curly hair.

We love working with curls in the salon, most stylists die to twist and diffuse their client’s hair. Curly hair has been around for just as long as any other hair type, it’s just now receiving recognition and validation on a larger volume of platforms.

Here are some of our best tips for curly hair types;

  1. Skip the bristly brush and opt for a wide tooth comb or detangling brush. Make sure to comb from the bottom to avoid frizz ball hair. (Think of Drake’s song “Started from the bottom now we’re here as a reference)

  2. When rinsing off conditioner in the shower, you can leave a little in for easier combing out.

  3. Find that perfect curl product concoction, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re wanting a defined curl, you need moisture and a good holding product. Maybe you want to enhance things? You’ll need moisture and a volume boosting product. Perhaps you want to tame things a little, you’ll need moisture and a curl taming product.

  4. Bottom line… CURLS LOVE ALL THE MOISTURE! And it takes a few tries and product variation in order to find the best concoction for your curls.

  5. To give yourself those big sexy waves or big and bouncy look, you can diffuse (tip head over one side and then the other and then upside down) You can finish those wild pieces with a curling iron for more defined curls.

  6. Silk pillowcase every night, helps with friction and rubbing the hair the wrong way in your sleep.

  7. (Unfortunately, the pillowcase will in fact NOT keep the monsters from your dreams away)

  8. Towel dry by scrunching the curls gently with a towel only a little bit. OR wrap your hair in a t-shirt to save those curls some poof drama.

There is always time for creating new patterns or in this case, a re-birth. If you aren’t sure where to start or just need a good refresher with curl products and styling, you can ask your stylist (also a myth, blow-dries aren’t just for smoothing out hair). Book in for a blow-dry and we can show you how to diffuse your beautiful curls, along with the right products to use. :)


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