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Bang for your CUT.

A question of interest we often find Team answering, is the difference between booking in for a trim and booking in for a haircut. Why does it cost the same you ask and what's the big difference? The short answer: there is no difference.

To the average person a trim seems simple and quick... so why should it cost the same as a 'haircut'? The truth is, a trim is far from simple and far from quick, which is why we book in for the same amount of time as any haircut. Otherwise, if it was simple we would suggest you get your cat to do it and save the money and time.

When you're 'just' trimming things up or taking off a few inches, it makes no difference in timing or technique for the Stylist. The same goes for whether you are asking for a new look, because the Stylist still requires to go through the entire haircut with sectioning and skilled technique. Your Stylist is also skilled in spotting ways your hair could be sitting better.

Knowing all this can make it easier to understand why we charge the same for haircuts no matter what the length of your hair. Since we base this off skill, technique and time spent. Also good to note that gender has nothing to do with length, we support gender free haircuts.

We encourage our clients to get their bang for their cut! That's why we offer you an experience and indulge you with a relaxing wash, head massage, and complimentary blow-dry with your haircut. You can ask us all your questions! Is your hair feeling heavy? Do you want tips on a go to blow dry routine? Any scalp/hair concerns? Our expertise and suggestions are all part of your appointment, so don't be shy and take advantage of the experience.


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