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Let's break the net! #thehairdoctored

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

How much do we all love pastel hair? Let’s talk about the climb in getting there AND how we sustain its beauty. Or any color change for that matter!

Our lovely stylist Nicole will walk us through how she took her lovely client from brown, to purple, and then ultimately to a silver. Our client began at a Level 4 “dark brown”, fading to a Level 6 on her ends (from old box color). The client’s goal was to eventually be light enough to achieve a silvery blue hue. Removing box dye and lightening the natural color is a hefty initial process and to achieve her end goal, Nicole and her client agreed to start the process trying to achieve an even blonde, while maintaining the integrity of the hair.


Stage 2 complete! Pastel Purple

With the help of the wonderful Olaplex (we’re not sponsored, we just happen to swear by its power) Nicole was able to lighten her hair in one session to a Level 9 (pale yellow color), which then they decided to try out a pastel purple to neutralize all yellow tones.

Our client left happy with a pretty pastel purple color along with a take home package of Shampoo, Conditioner, Olaplex n*3, and a leave in. A necessary and big investment all goes hand in hand with being happy with your hair, maintaining its strength and sustaining the color at home is JUST as important as the appointment.

Our client was ready to come back eight weeks later with her now faded out purple and roots growing in for round two! Round two was less intense as our client was already pre-lightened AND it maintained its health and strength because our client practiced healthy hair at home with her take home routine from her first visit. This allowed Nicole to get her client to the slivery hue she was dreaming of on her second visit.


-Initial Visit-

Global Lightening (Pravana) = $110 + extra bowls of product $100

Toner -"Purple" (Davines) = $65

Olaplex + N*3 take home= $50

Take home products= Nou Nou Mask $41.50 Nou Nou Shampoo $32.50 Leave in Milk $39.50 (Davines products)

Initial Visit Total = $438.50+ tax= $495.50


Global Lightening (only on roots, Pravana) = $110

Toner-" Silver" (Davines) = $65

Olaplex + N*3 take home= $50

Maintenance Total= $225+ tax= $254.25


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