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Your Own Secret Garden

Would you believe it if I told you Secret Garden was one of my fav movies growing up?

I don't know about the rest of you beauties, I absolutely adore the change from winter to spring. Watching all the tiny leaves and buds of different plants poke their heads through the ground. I walk around naming every plant I can, building excitement and anticipation for what is to come.

With all this time off and the opportunity to stay at my partners home in the country, I wait everyday for beautiful, warm and sunny days to get outside and get my hands into that soil. I just love seeing what was planted here before, as it pokes through last years leaves. Slowly, planning out the garden layout to come. Patiently waiting for seeds and flowers to arrive in the mail, ready to be planted and nurtured in their new home.

As we settle in and get excited about this season, your 'Queen Alicia' has a few seasoned and wise tips for getting out in nature and taking care of yourself, and of course your hair too.

"Read, do, watch and wait... make notes for next year! Repeat!"

Schedule It

It really can be a challenge to get outside and enjoy the day, especially when the to do list is never

ending. Making time consistently (especially with a reminder), makes it a habit and hopefully something you can look forward to. Time in nature breathes life into our souls. So get out there, whether by nurture what you've sowed or simply appreciating each others presence.

One Step At A Time

Gardening is simple... ONLY once you've been doing it a long while, once you've tried, watched and waited, year after year. Until then, pick up a few plants you want to master and nurture every year or season, depending on your area of focus. Read, do, watch and wait... make notes for next year! Repeat!

Take Care Of Yourself Too

Plants are similar to humans, in that if you aren't looking after yourself, you likely won't have the energy to nurture them everyday. Plants, especially flowering ones, need your attention consistently. Set reminders so you know if you are over or under watering. And that goes for you too, if you are dehydrated, you won't be any use to you or your plants. The same goes for a little bit of sunscreen... no need for heat-stroked, burnt and dehydrated beauties! (the plants or you)

Can't Forget Your Hair

Well it's definitely not the first thing we think of as we head out to the garden, balcony or our little

plant nook... one can quickly find our hair getting in our way. Having a gentle hair tie to tuck your hair away in a pony or braid will limit unnecessary dirt (which means unnecessary washing of the hair). If you must wash, a lil Solu Shampoo will go along way (gentle & clarifying). Another must have is anything from Davines Su collection (box sets currently available). Hair Milk softens and protects your hair from damaging sun rays and Aftersun will rehydrate your hair and skin afterwards.

The property here is built on a big rock. The previous owners established a few garden beds already, though they are shallow and mostly covered with smaller rocks instead of mulch. As I don't plan to work harder than I must, I plan to fill the rockier beds with seeds of Lavender, Rosemary and Mint. See what flourishes and what does not. I'll try to show you beauties photos when they come to.

*My favorite plant resources aside from your most local nursery; Veseys & Urban Harvest


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