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Grey Days

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Either you’ve been dreading it or patiently (maybe not so patiently) waiting for it! Those grey hairs! Society has told us we can’t be seen with them and your grandma probably agrees. You might have yet to see your mothers natural grey hair even! It also doesn’t matter if you present as a man or woman, we are all thinking about it. Only some have been watching closely counting the days til they absolutely MUST do something about it. Or quietly wishing they didn’t already know their genes have decided they'll be late in their years before they have even 5!

Is that true? Are grey hairs really decided by our genetics? Yes, they are. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other factors or genes working opposite of what you expect. We’ve all seen how siblings can have so many different physical characters, including how we age.

However, there are other factors. You might have had a traumatic experience or become very ill. And quickly developed a small white match of hair. Could also be smaller than that, such as stress built up over time with absolutely no downtime. Think, parents blaming their kids for their grey hairs... they aren't entirely wrong. Along with an overall unhealthy lifestyle and other uncontrollable internal health factors. Luckily these external factors can often be reversed by paying attention to your body and taking the time to breathe.

That's right, I just told you to chill the F@ck out and you might get some of your natural colour back!

So you have grey hair, now what?!

You have options, like embracing the natural beauty, focusing on having a quality haircut to compliment your new natural. Also, washing with a clarifying and silver shampoo/ conditioner (balance yellow tone) or simply using an anti-aging line (moisturize) will work wonders to keep your hair shiny and soft. Ideally to maintain healthy hair, a haircut every 2-3 months is best.

You could go the classic route AND colour your hair. There’s options within this one too. You can go ahead and choose a solid colour to match your natural. In the beginning you’ll want to touch up your roots every 6 weeks. And over time as often as 2-4 weeks. If that’s too often, my go to suggestion for grey hair colouring nubes, are low lights of your natural. This option doesn’t cover every single one, though it definitely lessens the appearance and maintenance is closer to 8-12 weeks between touch ups!

Wait just a minute, before you get carried away, having grey hair doesn’t mean you have to JUST colour it.

It’s a fun opportunity to do something adventurous with your hair! Something you’ve always wanted to do, yet felt you shouldn’t. And now you've decided you are gonna do something anyways! We could go lighter or darker. A completely different natural then you already have! Or we could create accent pieces… we could do purple, red or pink even. Really there are so many fun options! Too many to name right here, really!

Well, now I’ve gotten all excited about creating fun hair to best suit your personality! So book a consultation with anyone of our team or jump right in and book your appointment. Whichever you decide, we want you to look and feel the best you. If you have questions about products to use in the meantime, we are here to show you around are beloved Davines line.

Hope this helped clarifying the grey question! We are here to help,


*For Clarifying - Solu / Detoxifying Shampoo / Detox Mud Treatment (in-salon or take home) / Purity CCMask

*For Toning - Alchemic Silver/ Chocolate/ Tabacoo Shampoo/ Conditioner

*For Anti-aging - Renewing Shampoo/ Conditioner

*For Leave-in Moisture - OI Leave in Milk / Renewing Serum


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