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Cracking the Curl Code

With curls, perfect hair days can be like finding a unicorn. And understanding curls often seems just as mystifying. I've found most clients with curly hair for go the practice to understand because they are worried about how they'll look when the final product is done! So first code:

Practice new styling techniques on a day you have time to relax and be okay with a few strands aggressively out of place. I'm all for encouraging folks to enter their 'uncomfortable' zone, though trying something isn't a good idea if you are feeling extra stressed to look your best!

One course I attended in London, England, the Instructor went all in and put conditioner in our models hair as their main styling product. When I saw this all I could think was 'whoa whoa whoa thats way too much!'. But I was patient, I watched and I learned... then suddenly it hit me, as I was staring at the those beautiful curls, 'of course! Moisture!' Second code:

Add moisture and then add more moisture... and then add more! Curly hair and skin tends to be dry, dryer then those with straight hair. So invest in a hydrating shampoo and conditioner (consider a co-wash even (a gentle cleansing conditioner)). Consider a hair treatment once a month. Try weighing your curls down with a leave-in conditioner before applying a curl cream product when styling, you may just start to fall in love with your curls! Be sure to apply product root to tips, those frizzy bits happen all over!

In my early 20s, I would wash my hair every single day, often twice! I absolutely could not handle how dirty/ oily my hair felt. Now I definitely do not have curly hair, though this personal lesson is very telling about our bodies and oily production no matter what type of hair you have. Now I try to push my hair 5-7 days between washes and I don't feel oily. That brings us to our third code:

Wash less often! That's right, stop washing your hair so much. For tight curly hair (types 4), I suggest 3-4 weeks between washes. For curly hair (types 3), I suggest 2-3 weeks. For wavy hair (types 2), I suggest 1-2 weeks. And for straight hair (type 1), I suggest 3-7 days. Now why would I suggest this? It's simple really, if your body doesn't naturally produce a lot of oil, then you need to give those oils a chance to get to your lengths and ends before you've stripped it all away by washing your hair. Plus, overtime our body adjusts and will produce the amount and type of oil best for our bodies (and hair). And if we need moisture (see second code), then why wouldn't we take advantage of the one we produce ourselves?!

I know those big sexy curls can be daunting, though I hope you can learn to love them! Take a deep breathe, be nice to your hair, moisturize and wash less! I believe in you, you got this! If you are looking for one on one help, book a blow dry session (or your next service) and your stylist can guide you on tips, tricks and using the diffuser to dry your hair. All the stylists at Queen's are comfortable working with curly hair. I'm looking forward to seeing more happy curls beauties!


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