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Fall into Pumpkin Spice Season

I adore the change of seasons. I feel it's because of my love of fashion and nature... endless change, adventure options and a variety of beauty! And since copper hair and cozy sweaters is one of my favourites, fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons of change.

Have you ever thought of a warmer tone in your hair? Or do you steer clear of warm tones? Either way, I still recommend a consultation with an experienced hairstylist, they can choose a tone and maintenance plan that suits your skin tone and personality... Even if you decide you are keeping your hair neutral and copper isn't for you! They may even have suggestions that can be a subtle, low commitment option.

That's right, depending on your starting hair colour, you may be able to just dip your toe into this type of change! Hairstylists have many tools at the salon. By tools, I mean hair coloring products and techniques. They also have the expert knowledge to advise you on a change, no matter how small or big it may be. I love adding a touch of gold to a blonde highlight, just to bring a little life to my clients skin tone and to bring out the highlights in their eyes.

Another way you can ease into a new colour is by adding a few foils or hidden sections into your current look... People often want more after they have the opportunity to experience just a little bit of change.

If you are already a tried and true copper, red or plum loving beauty, fall is a great time for you to spice up your colour too!

Especially if you currently have a solid, one tone colour, your Hairstylist can recommend the right change based on your current colour and look. Adding tone on tone dimension to create a unique colour just for your unique, vibrant self!

Change doesn't have to be scary, it can be fun, like playing in that big pile of leaves. Fall in to the change of the seasons and bring out your spicy side!


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