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Identity Crisis

A common topic, when recommending products to clients, is 'but this label says it's not for me'.

And the truth is, companies categorize products so that it is easier for you, the client, to navigate and find all on your own. It is a fascinating psychology how we like to label ourselves and with that label define ourselves.

Though that doesn't mean you can't use a product, simply because it wasn't labeled to match your label. This function helps you understand what it does in a simple form. As we all know, navigating that vast number of different product options out there can be overwhelming. I know I've been overwhelmed and thus gave up, plenty of times.

I'd like to be clear, I truly dislike labels. Though they are our natural way of categorizing things to help us navigate on a subconscious level. Whether its locating the alike, to find belonging. Or determining threats, food, etc. It's a mechanism that our brains use, for good or bad, it is in our subconscious. I do challenge you though, to step out of that labeled box you have placed yourself or something/ someone into. Try something that is 'not for you'.

So, aside from the expected psych rant, why I am I bring this topic up? I wanted to teach you a little about better understanding how to choose the right products for you. This won't be full proof help, there's just too much out there and years of expertise that is sometimes needed. However, I can help guide you how to problem solve.

First, of course a label of what type of hair you have is important and helpful. However, understanding what that means, will better direct you to want type of products you need. Deciding what you are willing and not willing to do when it comes to using those products is also key. If you told your stylist, that you don't mind spending time and energy when you shower or get ready for your day, they would have no problem recommending styling products that require a little effort. Conversely, If you told your stylist, you are super busy/ have too many distractions when getting ready or you've simply learned you aren't willing to put in that effort, I'd hope they aren't going to recommend a product we all know will just sit hidden, unloved, under that counter, until long past its expiry date...

And whichever of those personality types/ life situations you fall under, is what is right for you. No judgements here, you do you, and what works for you! And if you wanted a change, that's alright too!

Second, what are the problems you are currently experiencing, as to why you are even searching for a new product? Because things like dryness and irritation (causing redness or itchiness) don't fall into what type of hair you have. At that, you may need to dig deeper into the why. Looking at what products you currently use. What chemical treatments you've done to your hair in the past. Your daily environment. New medications. When the last time you went for a check up with the doctor and had blood work done. Keep in mind that a topical product is not going to solve an internal problem. It can help alleviate the symptoms, though it is not a solution. Finding the why will help navigate what you need and help inform a stylist as to what they should recommend.

And last, 'what are you looking to achieve with that product?'. Just because you have thick hair, doesn't mean you don't want more volume and hold (these products are typically labeled for fine or thin hair). And just coz you have fine straight hair doesn't mean you aren't looking to deal with frizz (these products are typically labeled for curly/ coarse hair). What I am saying here is that, looking into key words as to what the product does, is just as, if not more, important as to who it is labeled for. For example, does your hair lack moisture or density? Can it hold styling? Are you finding that the styling you are doing is damaging?

I am by no means saying this is suddenly easier to navigate, though I do hope it helps get you to the right answers faster. Sometimes asking the right questions is the difference we all need, whether it lands us a label or not. And as always we are here to help. Find links on either of our websites to ask for a stylists advise, or visit our online store to speak with someone virtually.

I hope this helps you navigate all that there is out there. Live outside that box!


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