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It's a Natural Flair

Fashion and trends are often a reflection of the times, of what surrounds us and what is happening in the world. Though we have mostly been hibernating in our pj's, now is no different.

I'm not surprised when I reflect on all the changes and political/ social unrest over the last couple years that we look to the 60s & 70s or even the baroque era for what's currently trending in hair and fashion. What better a time to compare our current world to!

Hair trends have a way of creeping in and evolving over 5 years or so and then they slowly start to fade out. We have already started to see androgynes and shag/ mullet styles. Though they are just starting to really catch on and come into their prime now. Stay tuned for more of them in 2022.

I am curious to see if perms finally make a come back! Hairdressers often deny this as a feasible option... and for good reason. But you can always get one, ha!

It's true, we, hairdressers, rarely recommend a perm. In the past if they weren't tedious to apply or smelt awful, it was definitely harmful to your hair and rarely looked good in the end. And let's not talk about when those roots, whether you wanted to refresh the curls or grow them out!

With that being said, I do believe professional perming systems have evolved over time and are now less damaging. I have also noticed hairdressers being more creative with their perm sets, creating more natural, wearable looks. Who knows maybe we will see an increase in demand for perming services.

To conclude, I see more androgyny and natural, flowing aesthetics. From our hair to the way we dress and even the ways we live our lives to the verbiage we use.

The world is changing and fashion is just the visual effects!

*2nd image: Hair by Dallas Wagner, MUA Carla Marques, Photography Chris Vassalos


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