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It's Time To Makeover Your Hair Washing Routine

Some of us are still heading out to work everyday, though most of us are not. City of Toronto's emergency declaration has us inside and testing our sanity. I know Video Chats with my favorites, including a friends dinner (which now is going to be a scheduled occurrence!) has been my savior. I love my home and I love being alone, though connection is still important.

Other ways I'm keeping sane... finding new ways of connecting to you my clients and community, through this global quarantine. And it got me thinking, what a great time to makeover our hair routine! Anyone who's seeing us, loves us anyways or is in the exact same boat! I've put together the basics about hair washing and hair health. There's also a Live Story you can find on our Instagram page @queensshophair join us weekly for other topics!

First, I'd like to begin by stating the obvious... We weren't taught in school how to wash our hair (among other things), thus it is reasonable to accept that most of us don't know how to wash our hair properly. Whether its too often or not enough, washing our hair has had humanity perplexed for a very long time.

So how do I wash my hair? You know how most bottles say 'Wash. Rinse. Repeat.'? They actually mean that. Many folks will take a whole handful of shampoo, mush it in a bunch and tada! ...if only it was that simple. A better method would be to take a pea to quarter size amount of shampoo or co-wash (this is going to depend on the quality and concentration of your product. For example: Davines would be a pea size as it is highly concentrated). Adding a touch of water and lathering in each time. It is just as important to cleanse your roots as it is to cleanse your length and ends.

Note: You should feel a difference in the texture of your hair. If your hair still feels a bit sticky (in a dry wax kinda way) or clumpy, please wash again. Try parting your hair, so you can wash the back and middle of your hair too.

Why is having clean hair important and does that mean I should wash everyday? Having clean hair prevents scalp irritation and product build up, resulting in the need for medical aids. You can wash everyday, though I prefer 3-7 days for fine or straight hair, as your skin type tends to produce more oil. And, 7+ days for thick or curly hair, as you skin type tends to produce less oil. The thicker your hair is, the more important it is to be sure your hair is thoroughly clean. To add, if you have thick hair, please be sure your roots dry. There often isn't enough circulation to dry that sweet spot at the back of your head, resulting in a fungal infection. (that sounds worse than it actually is and it's quite common).

Now is the perfect time to adjust how often you wash your hair. As prolonging how often you wash your hair will help your body adjust faster. Our bodies are really smart, we have little receptors that communicate how much oil we have and will need. This is how our bodies naturally regulate our oil production. Regular brushing, dry shampoo or co-washes can help your hair last too. If you can't handle how your hair is looking right now check out our Pinterest page for some ideas! I also made a cute tutorial on my Instagram page @aliciacreate and I'll be posting more as the weeks pass.

So what products* should I use?

Shampoo: A gentle cleanser for regular use. Find one specific to your hair type (curly, fine, damaged, thinning, natural, coloured, etc.). They will all focus on relevant concerns to that hair type.

Conditioner: A little moisture after cleansing. Again, you want something specific to your hair type

Mask: A deep moisture after cleansing. Your needs will change here depending on why you are looking for more moisture than a conditioner (damaged, coloured, dry, etc.)

Treatment: When your hair needs more intense attention. There can be any number of reasons why this is a need (damaged, spit ends, thinning, dandruff, fine, wiry/dry, etc.)

Co-Wash: An uber gentle cleanser with a touch of moisture. Great to use in between regular shampoos or as your regular cleanser, if you wash more often.

Your Queen's are here to help! You can always ask our advise and our Team is happy to offer recommendations. Davines has a number of options that we have grown to be obsessed with over the years, most of which you can purchase through our Online Retail store (or in store when Toronto's lock down is lifted).

We hope you are all embracing the self care opportunities available right now. And if you are working hard to save us all, we extend our deepest gratitude, hoping you too can find 5-10 mins of self care... be it a breather, a hair mask or a glass of wine. Please feel welcome to ask questions in the comment option below, as others may be wondering the same thing you are! And remember, we've seen and heard it all, you aren't gross or dirty!

We can't wait to see you all again very soon!

*Fun facts: Hairdressers call all hair products products, not just styling products.


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