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The Fall Shed

Like seasons, our hair actually has 3 or 4 growth stages ( depending on how you’re counting it). Growing, resting and shedding, after shedding a new hair pushes through to replace the strand we just shed. Similar to our animal friends, we too hold onto our hair and then shed it (more than we’d like to admit). However, opposite to our animal friends, we tend to shed more in the transition to cooler months rather than holding on to our hair giving them a fuller and thicker coat!

"During pregnancy, our bodies put a pause on shedding to focus more on growing our little. And then release all the hair we would have normally shed between 3-6months after their birth. Growing back over time. *This shed can be extremely stressful. It changes the way one looks and feels, on top of already being in a tired and vulnerable state of mind."

So if you’ve noticed that glob of hair in your shower or brush get a bit bigger lately, it’s likely okay and even normal! If your hair has grown longer and/ or is now a darker colour, that dreaded glob will also appear bigger (shorter hair= less mass per strand, lighter hair =less visible).

The change of season doesn’t only affect our hair growth, it also affects our skin/scalp and even our mood. Personally, I have a tendency to feel optimistic, the colours, the layers and new opportunities. Oh and family gatherings, pumpkin pie and Halloween too! However, less fun, your skin/ scalp can be prone to build up, inflammation, dryness and eczema or psoriasis flares.

"*I’d just like to take quick moment to reiterate: an irritated scalp is something to have a professional look at. Whether you have your hairdresser look at your scalp (they can advise if you should be seeing a doctor and/or show you tips to improve your over scalp happiness) or go direct to your doctor. (You can always go to your doctor first. A hairdresser can take a better look for you however they can not diagnose)."

On average we shed 150 strands of hair every day. And if like me, you wash your hair every 3-5 days, you will see an accumulation of those strands during your next wash. It is normal to notice an increase in hair shedding with the change of season. However, if it feels excessive, your hair shed may be hair loss and is worth a closure look at your scalp and over all life situation (ex: stress, work/life balance, diet, overall health, etc.).

Another common misconception is that a dry scalp is dandruff. Dandruff is a fungal infection and should be cleared up with topical medication, whether from your doctor or in a shampoo/ treatment. Season changes often shock our scalps creating more flakes (dryness). That's why fall is a great time to do any of the following: change up your shampoo + conditioner, have a treatment done (in salon or at home), apply your conditioner or hair mask to your scalp first, let it sit and then rinse and shampoo.

Lastly, the average person doesn't wash their hair correctly. And it's okay. It's unlikely anyone has ever taught you. And that's okay too. Most people wash their hair line and maybe the top of their head. We have a tendency to miss the hairs in the middle and back. And if you are using a shampoo that doesn't lather a bunch, we recommend 'wash, rinse, repeat'... a few times, using smaller amounts, you'll likely notice a difference in lather and texture of your hair. If you use a lot of styling products, be sure to shampoo the lengths and ends of your hair too.

When using conditioner I lean towards a mask instead of conditioner, they're a bit stronger than conditioner. Because I'm always colouring and heat styling my hair I need a little extra. 'Mask, rinse, repeat' is also a thing, this practice allows your hair to soak up more of the hydrating goodness a conditioner or mask has to offer, and won't hurt. And of course, make sure you are fully rinsing your hair out.

Having a treatment done this time of year is key. It's like a little reset when our hair and scalp is at its worse. And it will help our hair get through the harsh dry cold of winter. Do you practice any of these hair care routines?

We hope you do! That your life is happy, healthy and balanced. And we hope you are having a great hair day too! xoxo


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