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We're Born This Way

There's something Queen's Shop has been working towards for years now. And something I've worked towards for as long as I can remember. We are working to gain a B Corp certification. Not just cause its a good direction to take any company in this era of business. Because we believe at the core of our values in doing good, doing the right thing for humans and this planet we call home. We believe there should be nothing less that everyone strives for.

I was definitely a lazy kid, many thought I was shy... nope, just lazy. My siblings tended to speak for me, I just got accustomed to not speaking to receive what I needed. However, silence was not something I was capable of if I thought someone was being cruel to another being. Bluntly, I feel individuals who cause harm to others, are small and not self aware enough to see what they are doing. I do acknowledge many of those individuals are often lacking the love and support they look to take from another individual. Where's the balance?!

That child also had big dreams (and who knows, maybe I can still make them come true!)! I once had goals of becoming so successful that I would buy a whole apartment building. With that housing I would create a safe space for people finding their way. Somewhere that offered individual responsibility, created pride and a sense of accomplishment, purpose... cause don't we all want just a morsel of that!

Alas, the intricate workings of the big scary world left my dreams to the wayside. I quickly moved on to other dreams like learning to live off the land. My ex and I had a property in the country. We were grooming it to live completely off grid. Grow and store our own food, build renewable energy and thermal heating. And we were doing it! It was quite the project and I was very proud of it. You name it, we were probably studying it and seeing whether we could and if we should implement it.

Though that land is no longer apart of my life, the dream is not lost. It's, might I say, sidetracked into my baby that is Queen's. I still want to offer a space anyone can feel welcome and a sense of pride in. I want to know we are all doing as much as humanly possible to renew our earth as we take from it to enjoy in our urban lifestyle pleasures. I want to know that I can trust that the products and space we offer are safe for everyone. Honestly, I am too protective of our earth and its beings to have it any other way.

As a young entrepreneur fumbling my way through this journey, I am grateful that B Corp exists. Not just because they are helping to create a better standard. (Though I sure am happy it's happening). I think it is safe to say I have never learned more in my life than owning a small business. There's little direction on how to do it if you didn't already work corporate or go to business school. An impact assessment that suggests what is considered best practice and is literally designed to give you goals to work towards is gold.

Imagine a world where everyone, everyday took a moment to be introspective of their lives, actions and belief systems. That's a place I want to live. Every being living for the conservation of our humanity, our earth and the well being of, well, everything. Do good! Be kind! Listen! Ask for perspective!

*Our goal to be B Corp certified is end of 2021, ideally we will achieve this much sooner.


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