Dry, Winter Hair? Some tips from Queen's Shop Salon Senior Stylist Alicia

Another bad hair day is just around the corner as we gear up for our Toronto winter. From the brisk air outside to the dry heat inside, our skin and hair suffer! Here are a few quick tips to get you through another bad hair day!

Hydrate your Hair

  • use a deep moisture mask for at least 10-15 min. we love Nounou Hair Mask by Davines.

  • get a humidifier or use less heat ( this also saves on your energy bill too).

  • and drink lots of water!

Be kind to your Hair

  • wash less, 3-5 days for fine/straight hair and 5-9 days for thick/curly hair (this dries your hair out and you have to dry it more).

  • put down the hot tools ( we already know the damage this necessary evil brings).

  • and don't go outside or to bed with wet hair ( the cold hair is too harsh and not allowing it to dry all the way can create mold in your hair, that's right MOLD!).


  • get regular haircuts, every 2-3 months will keep your ends healthy, thus less dry

  • use Salon quality products at home (you've invested in your hair, having these products at home maintains your colour and split ends giving lasting healthy hair, long after the salon experience).

  • ask for an in-Salon Hair Treatment when booking your next appointment, depending on your hair and scalp type this should happen every to every other visit. (dry, sensitive, dandruff, etc...)

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